Medical Assistant

Transfer your work-load to our HIPAA certified virtual medical assistants. Trained to multi-task, our remote assistants accomplish every task on your daily to-do-list with perfection. Managing tedious appointment schedules, reaching out to patients, contacting insurance companies, medical billing, insurance verification, record management and more such functions- Get done with all such important minuscule tasks with our VA help.

Digital Marketing

Realize exponential growth in your field. As one the best Digital marketing platforms Pentacletech offers customized marketing strategies which drive up your website traffic as well as market presence. Drop us a message if you want to qualify among the top-rated brands or aspire to set new standards in digital marketing. Our virtual assistants will operate with you to lead you forward with reliable marketing plans.

Web Development & SEO

Get noticed in today’s overcrowded digital arcade. Pentacletech is your No.1 solution hub for all your Web Development requirements. Rise-up the search engine chart and get acknowledged among the top-ranked websites leveraging our expert’s SEO and marketing proficiency.

Personal Assistant

Getting burdened by overwhelming work pressure? Hire our personal assistants and set your priorities right. From day-to-day to-do-lists to booking hotels or booking flights our experts are ready to sort it all for you. Let Pentacletech experts handle all your personal errands and help you sail smooth.

Data Management

Need quality support for your data entry, database management, CRM and Reporting works? Corner your worries. Data handling is a tedious job and demands professional attention. Pentacletech experts are seasoned to whizz through data-related projects with guaranteed perfection.


Minute to minute data that we work with is researched by our research team. No matter whichever field is your operating area, we make sure what we deliver (studying) what you need. Hire today a Pentacletech Virtual assistant and know how to break new-grounds with your business eloquence.


Nonetheless, whichever field is your work area, you have to grind your way to achieve that next-to-impossible standard (at-par or above) given the current level of competition. To be precise, you have grown familiar with that shrunken look of yours at the end of the day expressing the enormous amount of worry over that yet-to-do work amount.

The obvious solution to this is hiring the best available virtual assistant in Dallas, Texas, USA.

A virtual assistant can turn-around your work-accomplishing statistics completely and this is one of the most cost-effective ways available today. Any given amount of work-load can be handled with the help of Online Virtual Assistant Services in half-the time. The before and the after situation is two different stories. After availing remote assistants you can easily ignore a huge part of your work with-out any brooding given the benefit and assurance of a high-yielding rate.

Hire a Virtual Assistant from Pentacletech and stay assured of;

  • 24*7 Support
  • Get to hire HIPAA Trained and Certified Virtual Assistants
  • Super Affordable Prices
  • Timely management and delivery of tasks
  • Online Virtual Assistant Services across business fields
  • Zero-error Guarantee
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Go Great Guns! – With us

Virtual Assistant in Dallas, Texas, USA

Under one umbrella we offer wholesome business experience through our list of virtual assistant services. To gain control of your business let our certified virtual assistants supervise your business with their trained set of skills. Pentacletech Online Virtual Assistant Services usher in great value by organizing, planning, managing a major share of your workload. Chuck your burden and pay a few bucks to avail our great value service. We provide;

  • HIPAA Compliant Remote Assistants
  • Highly Secured Service
  • Result-oriented Performance
  • One-on-one dedicated Virtual Assistants

Get a Dedicated Virtual Assistant’s Attention

We at Pentacletech allot one Virtual Assistant for each of our customers. This allows you to get full dedicated attention from your assistants and assure you the best ROI.

Virtual Assistant Services Dallas, Texas, USA

Our motto being-‘virtual assistants around the clock’, when you hire your Virtual assistant from Pentacletech you can be under complete confidence that your daily to-do-list is cleared and their service is accessible 24*7. Outsourcing your operations is surely the best way you can get personalized and yielding work rate at the minimum price. Thus, at Pentacletech our choicest team of Virtual Assistants is from India and Philippines offering you best support, from major cost reduction to best time-management and high productivity, they assure end-to-end solutions. Hire your Virtual Assistant from us today and get to;

  • Control your operation costs and maximum cost reduction
  • Access world-class skills
  • Double efficiency for time-consuming functions
Virtual Assistant Dallas, Texas, USA
Virtual Assistant in USA

Let’s build the best together!

Excellence is earned with sincere efforts. Our success story is a synergy of efforts and skills. This is what we offer here at Pentacletech. Solutions we provide through the help of our Virtual Assistants are a commitment from us to you. Let’s firmly proceed ahead and form a great alliance to tread the future pathway of success. Connect with us if you want to explore our indigenous resources and experience competency.


Our Price Plans


$ 8 /hour
  • 8 per hour
  • Dedicated VA
  • Back up VA
  • Flexible Hours



$ 222 /mo
  • 25h hours per month
  • Back up VA
  • Flexible hours
  • Dedicated VA



$ 444 /mo
  • 55 hours per month
  • Back up VA
  • Flexible Hours
  • Dedicated VA



$ 666 /mo
  • 90 hours per month
  • Dedicated VA
  • Back up VA
  • Flexible Hours



$ 888 /mo
  • 120 hours
  • Dedicated VA
  • Back up VA
  • Flexible Hours



$ 1111 /mo
  • 170 Hours
  • Dedicated VA
  • Back up VA
  • Flexible Hours

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