Medical Virtual Assistant

Medical Assistant or Health Assistant has transformed the healthcare sector tremendously. Speed and accuracy have always been crucial to the health care sector; however, overwhelming work pressure and one-man affair often have downgraded its quality resulting in unsatisfied patients and low growth level. Due to the necessity of continuously switching his attention between medical practice and other areas a physician has often struggled with work efficiency and most importantly quality.

Today with the help of Medical assistants, things have turned around. Any small to big health care company today can cost-effectively manage their workloads like; attending important calls, organizing files, maintaining records, managing data, CRM, medical billing, prescribing, insurance verification, managing reception and other such works- can be performed in half the time with the help from trained and certified health assistants.

Pentacletech’s best medical assistant programs online is a verified solution which has been availed by a lot of healthcare enterprises both small and big in the US to get a good grip of their business. At $8 per hour, our health assistants work round the clock to help you tick-off your daily to-do-lists and help you relax!

Explore How Our Medical Assistants Work and You Get the Best ROI

We help you in taking care of the world by helping you with.

What does our virtual medical assistant do?

Electronic Medical/Health Records
  • Use Any EMR/EHR
  • Uploading patient details
  • ePrescribing
  • RX refilling
  • Handling patient Data
Prior Authorizations
  • Contacting Pharmacy
  • Insurance companies
  • Price evaluation of Generic and Brands
  • Chart notes
Data Handling
  • Handle patient information
  • 100% adhering to physicians rules
  • Calling patients
  • Arranging telemed sessions
  • Manage the practice calendar
  • Making Appointments
  • Appointment reminders
Insurance processing
  • Pre-authorization of consultations
  • Paper works for claims
  • Out of network reimbursement
Front Office task
  • Attending calls
  • Patient prescreening
  • Ordering medication from specialty pharmacy
  • Triage
  • Medical Billing
  • Administrative tasks
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All our Medical Assistants are HIPAA trained and certified.

There is no contract fee, set-up fee and training fee. The HIPAA certified Medical Virtual Assistants are fully trained to start working with your practice.

Our Price Plans


$ 8 /hour
  • 8 per hour
  • Dedicated VA
  • Back up VA
  • Flexible Hours



$ 222 /mo
  • 25h hours per month
  • Back up VA
  • Flexible hours
  • Dedicated VA



$ 444 /mo
  • 55 hours per month
  • Back up VA
  • Flexible Hours
  • Dedicated VA



$ 666 /mo
  • 90 hours per month
  • Dedicated VA
  • Back up VA
  • Flexible Hours



$ 888 /mo
  • 120 hours
  • Dedicated VA
  • Back up VA
  • Flexible Hours



$ 1111 /mo
  • 170 Hours
  • Dedicated VA
  • Back up VA
  • Flexible Hours

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