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Managing modern business becomes difficult when it comes to managing the huge number of data and information. Taking care of various statistics is important as they are closely related to the smooth management of the organization. If you are running a business that needs to take care of volumes of data, then you need to hire people in the office. Keeping the present situations in mind, hiring full-time professionals cannot be that viable.


Here, you have another alternative if you run a business in Canada. You can hire a decent virtual assistant Canada. Without a doubt, these professionals have revolutionized the market in a big way and that is why hiring top Virtual Assistant in Ontario has become a trend right now. Before proceeding, let’s find out what a Virtual Assistant is all about!


A Virtual Assistant (VA) has been a remote employee for an organization that works from his/her location without reaching the office physically. The said professional does not use or consume official infrastructure or space. A VA is an efficient professional who is capable of working in the large domain of work.


How Does A Virtual Assistant Work?


Usually, the VAs work as contracts and their appointment is not permanent. However, the appointing authorities are always free to hire the best professionals by signing a contract with the leading Virtual assistant companies in Canada. They may work from their own home-based office that comprises a decent computer system with a faster broadband network service.


Virtual assistants may simply work as employees for a company. Other virtual assistants often show the tendency of switching from one job to another with short-term contracts found through freelance sites. They do this just to add more to their income as switching companies often add more to their wages.


Services That Successful Virtual Assistant in Ontario Offers:
Actually, a qualified VA is a versatile professional that is capable of doing multiple tasks for the agencies or companies that hire them. Some of the prominent services available include the following:


  • Event management
  • Social media management
  • Managing calendars
  • Managing appointments and emails
  • Preparing reports
  • Personal tasks like booking hotels and restaurants
  • Simple digital marketing tasks
  • Administrative responsibilities for non-core data


Benefits of Hiring Top Virtual Assistant Canada:


Well, it is an advantage to the hiring agencies as they can get multiple benefits from hiring top professionals. Some of the most common advantages include the following:


  • Superior professionals with the best working capabilities
  • Ability to work on multiple tasks at a time
  • Cost-effective pricing, much lower than hiring in-house staff
  • Highest skill sets
  • No or least training needed
  • Capability to deliver without missing delivery deadline
  • The amazing rate of client satisfaction


How To Hire a Virtual Assistant in Ontario, Canada?


The task is not difficult if you are sure about the nature of work you are willing to offer for the assistant. So, before you search for the best Virtual assistant companies in Canada, you must have a clear idea about the same. Make sure you find the best and the most accomplished agency that has a good name among its clients.


At Pentacle Tech Solutions, we have a huge database of dedicated Virtual Assistants in Canada that you can hire by fulfilling the conditions laid down by us. We guarantee the best and most experienced Virtual Assistants that can serve your purpose well.

Some Quick Notes About the Best Virtual Assistant in Canada:

  • A VA is a skilled professional who offers support services to a business from a remote place.
  • Though a skilled VA is capable of carrying out multiple tasks, administrative tasks are most common for them. The truth lies in the fact that the Vas can handle form of assistance from their place.
  • On many occasions, virtual assistants start their own business as independent service providers.
  • Organizations hire virtual assistants for low-cost help with administrative tasks.
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Our Price Plans


$ 8 /hour
  • 8 per hour
  • Dedicated VA
  • Back up VA
  • Flexible Hours



$ 222 /mo
  • 25h hours per month
  • Back up VA
  • Flexible hours
  • Dedicated VA



$ 444 /mo
  • 55 hours per month
  • Back up VA
  • Flexible Hours
  • Dedicated VA



$ 666 /mo
  • 90 hours per month
  • Dedicated VA
  • Back up VA
  • Flexible Hours



$ 888 /mo
  • 120 hours
  • Dedicated VA
  • Back up VA
  • Flexible Hours



$ 1111 /mo
  • 170 Hours
  • Dedicated VA
  • Back up VA
  • Flexible Hours

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