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  • 4 Dec, 2020
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4 Reasons Why Every Doctor Should Hire a Remote Medical Assistant

Pentacle Tech Solutions specializes in providing remote medical assistant services in the USA. Our virtual assistants are trained nurses from Philippines and they’re aware of the day-to-day tasks of a healthcare clinic, hospital or practice. Let us tell you why every doctor should hire a virtual medical assistant today.

To Free Up Time

Doctors are busy professionals. They hardly have time for themselves or their family. If you’re in this profession, you know what we mean. You can avail our remote assistance services and decrease your workload. We know that it is a challenge to see patients and also take care of administrative tasks like, scheduling appointments, answering calls, handling insurance paperwork and so on. Outsource those jobs to our online medical assistants and just focus on being a doctor and saving lives.

Lead a Less Stressful Life

As a doctor, you already have a lot of responsibilities. People trust you with their lives. So, there’s no need to feel drained by taking care of the daily mundane jobs. Our remote medical assistants can take care of those. You can free your mental energy and utilize it to spend time with family or work on your passion project. With the menial tasks off your plate, you can live life to the fullest.

Get Administrative Tasks Completed Faster

Let’s be honest. You’re a doctor and probably not the fastest when it comes to making slideshows or presentations, maintaining the account books and so on. But, when you are running your own clinic, practice or hospital, you’ll have to take care of lots of documentation and paperwork. These will probably take up a lot of your time. The fastest and best way to get these things done is by hiring a medical assistant in Dallas. You can count on our virtual assistants to complete your work fast and without errors.

Simply Delegate the Tasks that You Don’t Want to Do

With a remote medical assistant, you can delegate all those tasks that you don’t wish to complete. For instance, handling appointments, talking to pharmacies and placing order, taking care of the insurance paperwork, updating patient information and so on. Since our medical assistants are trained nurses, they are aware of the compliance, rules and regulations in the healthcare sector. They do their work with accuracy and maintain confidentiality. So, you can delegate them the tasks without worry.

The final reason to hire a remote medical assistant is COVID-19. The virus has posed a lot of challenges for healthcare professionals and forced people to take advantage of technology. With a VA, you don’t have to physically interact or even be present. Our VAs work remotely and they’ll take care of everything, via phone, email and the Internet.

So, are you burdened with a lot of work? Turn to Pentacle Tech Solutions’ best medical assistant services in Dallas, USA. Our remote medical assistant services are offered at the

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