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  • 20 Oct, 2020
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5 Important Tasks that Virtual Medical Assistants Handle

Virtual medical assistant services from Pentacletech Solutions is known for helping hospitals and medical clinics function smoothly and effectively take care of the administration. Virtual medical assistants can carry out some of the most important tasks from a remote location. We have listed a few of the crucial tasks that they can handle below.

Responding to questions from patients

Virtual medical assistants are qualified to facilitate responses and clarity to patient queries through phones and emails. They are also trained to manage activities like, documentation, payments, medical transcripts and referrals. They can make sure that you are always responsive to the needs of your patients and also clients.

Managing insurance coverage processes

By hiring a certified medical assistant online, you can outsource a lot of your burdens. Insurance is one of the most cumbersome processes that hospitals and clinics have to go through. A virtual assistant is eligible and pre-authorized to handle all insurance-related transactions. They can take care of the paperwork and also record the number of patients who are insured.

Management of schedules

A virtual medical assistant can set up and manage appointments on your behalf. They can also send reminders to your patients to remind them of their clinical appointments or follow-ups. If needed, they can also send you reminders.

Discreetly handling medical records

A HIPAA certified virtual medical assistant can make sure the safe coverage and handling of sensitive patient information. They can sensitize details of patients and also gain access to them to prioritize and schedule future treatments. They will make sure that patient information is not given out to third-parties.

Taking care of inventory and pharmaceutical supplies

A virtual medical assistant manages inventory and makes sure that medical equipment and related essentials are always available. They also keep in touch with suppliers, pharmacies and medical representatives to get you the best deal for your hospital or clinic. They will always fulfil demand before inventory runs dry.

These are only some of the day-to-day tasks that our virtual medical assistants are qualified to do. We offer the services of certified nurses who have a medical background and are proficient in the latest happenings in the healthcare sector. They’re also HIPAA certified, and therefore, aware of the various compliances and regulations.

At Pentacletech, we charge an extremely competitive hourly rate so that you can find someone to remotely take care of your medical administrative tasks without thinking twice. By hiring our virtual assistants, you can forget about having to pay a fixed monthly salary and perks, along with other overhead costs.

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