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  • 9 Dec, 2020
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Chamber Cost-Cutting? Hire Pentacletech Online Medical Assistant

These are the days of outsourcing in many services providing industrial field. This is truer if you are a doctor working in your chamber or a medical entrepreneur providing health care services. It is tough for you as a doctor to think about your front and back office. Similarly, a separate office set up increases the cost of running your health care unit. Outsourcing the certified medical assistant online is the present trend here in the USA. You have the option to hire an online virtual assistant from Pentacletech Solutions in Dallas now. We are the leading online certified medical assistant service provider in the USA for many years. With a dedicated team of HIPPA certified nurses from the Philippines, we can assist you the best as your highly professional virtual medical assistant.

Why will You Hire Pentacletech Solutions Medical Assistants?

Pentacletech Solutions has travelled a long distance as a US digital marketing company to provide online virtual medical assistant services across the nation. We serve you 24/7 in all time zone in the USA. Our services in Dallas is professional and productive for your chamber. Our trained nurses can conduct all office works for you systematically. Look at our range of services as a certified medical assistant online:

Electronic Medical Health Records: –

  • Use Any EMR/EHR
  • Uploading patient details
  • ePrescribing
  • RX refilling
  • Handling patient Data

Prior Authorization: –

  • Contacting Pharmacy
  • Insurance companies
  • Price evaluation of Generic and Brands
  • Chart notes

Data Handling: –

  • Handle patient information
  • 100% adhering to physicians rules

Scheduling: –

  • Calling patients
  • Arranging telemed sessions
  • Manage the practice calendar
  • Making Appointments
  • Appointment reminders

Insurance Processing: –

  • Pre-authorization of consultations
  • Paper works for claims
  • Out of network reimbursement

Front Office Task: –

  • Attending calls
  • Patient prescreening
  • Ordering medication from a specialty pharmacy
  • Triage
  • Medical Billing
  • Administrative tasks

These are all the most needed activities for your heal care unit or chamber. You may have employed additional staff to get these services. You must have spent important hours to get the job done by them. The cost must have been on the higher side to maintain such an office set-up. Proportionately to that, you may have been less satisfied so far. Here is the reason to appoint a qualified, experienced, and professional online virtual medical service provider like Pentacletech Solutions in Dallas.

Hire Pentacletech Online Certified Medical Assistant

Your healthcare business will turn round with the help of Pentacletech Medical assistants. Your small or big health care company has the option for cost-effective management. Your workloads like attending important calls, organizing files, maintaining records, managing data, CRM, medical billing, prescribing, insurance verification, managing reception, and other such works can be handled in quick time with the help of our trained and certified online virtual assistants. We provide the best medical assistant programs online which is a verified solution. These world-class facilities are utilized best by many of the leading healthcare enterprises in Dallas and all over the USA. We charge $8 per hour. This is an affordable and reasonable amount for our clients. Our online medical assistants work round the clock to help your chamber and allowing you to relax! Contact with Pentacletech Solutions to help you in taking care of the world by helping you with. Visit our website now.

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