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  • 8 Oct, 2020
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Disorganization is Costing Your Business – Hire Virtual Assistants!

Funding for your venture is flowing in. Rented a posh office space. Got a few client on board. Hired some of the brightest minds to handle different aspects of your business. But, what about the day-to-day tasks? What about the continual market process? Do you have the bandwidth to hire more employees to deal with changing consumer behavior and needs?

If your answer is no, you’re failing in the most crucial ingredient of business success – organization. You’ve got everything, but everything is in a state of disarray. The more customers you have, the better your customer service has to be. Also, you need people to reply to inquiries and handle complaints.

You are probably aware of your weak spots – performance your email management, bookkeeping or unable to stay on top of your sales funnel. But, how is all this costing your business? Disorganization can result in:

  • Lower margins –  The more effort and time it takes to make a sale, the tighter will be your profit margin. A disorganized approach to running sales process costs a lot of money and takes more time. This negatively impacts the bottom line.
  • Missed sales – You could be missing out on opportunities to bring money into your business if you are not on top of existing prospects, customers and the awareness end of the sales funnel. From cross-selling and up-selling to your present customers to following up on requests for more sales appointments or information, a disorganized approach means that your sales could be dropping. Also, potential customers might be going somewhere else. You can overcome this with better management of CRM.
  • Wasted money –  Controlling cash flow is one of the most important activities of businesses. Disorganization might mean that you are leaking cash. Doing something as simple as outsourcing bookkeeping to virtual assistant service providers like Pentacle Tech Solutions, introducing expense management and knowing how much money is flowing around your business could help you save money.
  • Poor productivity– If you are employing people, you want to ensure that they’re at their productive best at all times. But, if they’re disorganized, it would mean that you are missing things and having to spend extra time sorting stuff out. When it comes to productivity, things like to-do-list management, inbox management and customer management can make a world of difference.

Simple time and task management can reduce disorganization in your company and help to get your business on track for success. A well-organized business can analyze margins, track sales, work efficiently and increase productivity. Also, with Pentacle Tech Solutions virtual assistant services, it’s much easier to have an organized company.

Our virtual assistants do not need any training and they are already experts in their specific niches. With their help, you can rub a 24/7 business and take your business to great heights of success. If you need any help, feel free to reach out to Pentacle Tech Solutions.

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