Virtual Medical Assistants
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  • 5 Oct, 2020
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How are Virtual Medical Assistants Serving Patients and Doctors?

Thanks to the advancements in the healthcare software development segment, several futuristic applications have come to the fore. Virtual medical assistants or VMAs is one such wonderful application that is alleviating pressure from the medical staff. Due to handling an increasing number of administrative tasks and patients, healthcare professionals experience burnout. However, Pentacletech Solutions’ certified medical assistant online is the solution that hospitals and clinics have been waiting for. We would like to point out here that the trend of VMAs have spread like wildfire due to the increasing use of smartphones with Internet access.
Now, without further ado, let us tell you in what ways our medical virtual assistance service can serve the needs of both doctors and patients.

Medical record keeping

This is a tedious, boring and time-consuming task that our virtual HIPAA certified medical assistants can automate for you. Once you have outsourced this task to us, our virtual assistants will make use of HER/EMR and upload all patient details for easy access. They will also handle patient data and make sure that it is compliant with the rules and regulations in place. We do not allow access to patient files to any third-party.

Handling appointment-related tasks

As a healthcare provider, you wouldn’t want to be caught up with the task of scheduling appointments or rescheduling them in case of cancelations. It would be best for you and your patients if this process was automated and being handled by an online American medical assistant. At Pentacletech Solutions, we work with experts who have experience in the medical field and can take care of mundane, yet crucial tasks of calling patients, arranging appointments, handling practice calendars and also providing appointment reminders. This will eliminate all kinds of confusion and make sure that your patients are looked after properly, along with your mental peace staying intact.

Taking care of front-office responsibilities

Tasks at a hospital or clinic never seems to end. The phone rings incessantly and someone has to screen the patients while someone has to get more supplies from the pharmacy. There are simply too many tasks to be handled and if you need help, our virtual assistants are here to help. From attending calls to ordering medication from pharmacies on time and taking care of medical billing, our team of certified medical assistants online is what you need. They can expertly handle all the administrative tasks while you focus on the key aspect of your practice – treating patients!
Pentacletech Solutions’ health assistance in USA services is tailored to meet the pressing needs of healthcare professionals and to boost patient well-being. With administrative tasks being handled remotely, healthcare providers can simply concentrate on nursing back patients to good health.
If you’re still not convinced and need to know more, we are just a phone call away. Or, you can send us an email or chat with us on WhatsApp. We do not charge any kind of training, set-up or contract fee from our clients. You can avail certified and trained VMAs from us at just $8/hour.
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