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  • 19 Nov, 2020
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Rise of the Virtual Medical Assistant in the New Normal

Until the COVID-19 pandemic, the virtual workplace or remote working was not given much importance. Even though these are not new concepts. Now, remote work, telecommuting or even work-from-home (WFH) is the new normal. Following the frequent lockdowns and orders to stay-at-home, a number of companies are implementing their business continuity plans which include asking a majority of their workforce to WFH.

Virtual medical assistants in Dallas have always belonged to this unconventional workforce. They support and boost the short-staffed healthcare industry by handling practice-specific tasks virtually. Their importance has risen manifold in the new normal since hospitals, clinics and all other medical facilities are swamped with patients. At Pentacletech Solutions, we provide remote assistance to healthcare providers running their own practice or hospital. Our VMAs are trained nurses from Philippines.

Our Virtual Medical Assistant Have Always Been Ready

Thanks to technology, remote work efficiency and productivity is allowed, especially now that companies are facilitating digital workforce to stay in tune with the new normal era. However, all kinds of jobs are not compatible and all workers are not comfortable with the work-from-home setting. The sustainability of remote working relies on the right equipment, good Internet connectivity, space or the right ambience for working. Adjusting to the new style of working might take some time and it is a challenge for both employers and employees.

But, this is not the case with our best medical assistant services in the USA. This is because our VMAs are experienced in working remotely and they have the right set up for handling tasks. They have all the resources and tools required to make sure that tasks are completed without any disruptions. As they’re already experienced, you can run your medical practice in peace knowing that you have experts helping you remotely. From handling patient information to tackling insurance and more, our VMAs are trained to provide the best remote assistance.

Existing Remote Working Set Up

As we have already mentioned, our Virtual medical assistant have always been providing their services virtually. This means that they already have their own space and environment set up where they work. You don’t have to think of providing them with anything extra. Just hire our VMAs and let them take care of all the duties and tasks. They can answer calls, reply to emails, take care of patient appointments, talk to pharmacies about supplies and so on.

Our Virtual Medical Assistants are Perfect for the New Normal

When you are working with VMAs, you can avoid physical contact. This is exactly what you need in the era of the new normal. You don’t need to have your hospital or clinic crowded with staff if you don’t need them to be physically present. Our medical assistants can take care of scheduling, appointments, documentation and such other mundane activities of the healthcare industry. Your practice will run smoothly and will be in safe hands if you leverage the service of our virtual assistants.

So, if you have not hired a VMA yet, contact Pentacletech Solutions and be prepared for the new normal in no time.

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