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  • 12 Nov, 2020
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What Can a Virtual Medical Assistant Do for You?

As the benefits of going digital is being embraced in the healthcare industry, more and more healthcare facilities are starting to recognize the value of having a virtual medical assistant in the USA. But, what actually is a VA (virtual assistant) for healthcare? How can they improve your practice? Pentacle Tech Solutions, the leading provider of virtual medical assistant services, has explained in detail below why you should consider outsourcing your daily tasks to medical VAs.

What is a Medical Virtual Assistant?

Do not confuse virtual assistants with Artificial Intelligence, but the best virtual assistant for healthcare helps in automating tasks and taking care of the administrative tasks of a healthcare practice or facility. A virtual healthcare assistant is a budget-friendly way to supplement in-house medical team. By hiring a VA, you can free your in-house team and yourself from mundane, tedious administrative duties and focus on providing first-rate medical and healthcare services to your patients.

Even though VAs work remotely, they can help to massively improve the overall experience for your patients. Also, the burden from your in-house team will be lessened dramatically.

Pentacle Tech Solutions’ medical assistant services are offered by certified nurses with proper HIPAA training. Thanks to their medical background, they are experts in handling specialized tasks in the healthcare industry.

Hire Our Medical Virtual Assistants for These Tasks

  • Administrative Tasks

A huge portion of a healthcare practice’s to-do-list is taken up by administrative tasks. From transferring patient history forms to digital database and data entry work to tracking appointments, these admin tasks are quite time-consuming. By outsourcing these tasks to our best medical assistant in the USA, you can improve the workflow and save time to make your practice efficient. Some of the important administrative tasks that our VAs can help you with are:

  • EMR/EHR data management
  • Digitizing health history forms
  • Insurance verification
  • Patient appointment scheduling
  • Eligibility processes
  • Medical authorizations
  • Medical billing
  • Customer Support

Offering assistance to your customers/patients with their questions, answering chat messages, taking calls and responding to emails is a part of a virtual medical assistant’s task list. You can think of them as your virtual receptionist. They can help you with the following:

  • Phone and email support
  • Online receptionist duties
  • Online chat and text support
  • Processing prescription refill requests
  • Answering general patient questions

With our medical assistant in the USA handling these tasks, your in-house staff can pay attention to the things that need to be done when the patient is physically present.

Are You in Need of a Virtual Medical Assistant?

Practically any healthcare practice or facility can benefit from the best medical assistant services in the USA. With a remote VA, you can focus on treating patients and not worry about the paperwork, documentation and such other important, yet mundane tasks.

If you are looking for the best virtual assistant for healthcare, contact Pentacle Tech Solutions. You can hire our VAs and we guarantee to offer the lowest hourly rate in the market.

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